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Site Promotion: You will be receiving regular reports on advance and will be able to approve/disapprove actions so as to ensure you that you will have total control of your promotion program. We will work for a period of time not superior to three (3) months or until we achieve the commitments agreeded in our contract.

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Site Promotion: We can help you optimize your web site so as to achieve better search engine rankings and ultimately increase your traffic every month. We do this analyzing your current web site and suggesting improvements that we believe may help you in achieving this goal. We explicitly disapprove black hat methods of optimization; our suggestions will only focus in well known and generally approved methods of optimization (ie, no cloacking, spam, etc).

Site Promotion: As such, we'll start working for an introductory fee of $10USD and will receive further payments based upon achievements. If you wish to order this service or need further information, please use the Contact Form.

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