Worried about trading links with doubtful partners? Worry no more. We personally check each incoming site so as to weed out spammy places or bad neighbourhoods. All sites are checked manually for approval before being included into the directory. Furthermore, our directory is search engine friendly and we even post recent inclusions on the home page for further exposure. Other than that, using any of the currently available features is free.

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Reports: We provide a reporting system that lets you track the number of ad impressions served and the number of click-thrus they generate. We even show you a daily summary of how your ads are performing. You can check out a demo account following this link. To login, please use demo as username and demo as password.

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Text links: Text links provide all of the benefits of other forms of online advertising without the annoying downsides. There has been a considerable amount of backlash by users as many online advertisers have resorted to more and more desperate attempts to capture user's attention. Pop-up ads, Pop-under ads, full-page ads. These are just a few examples of advertising that many users find to be intrusive.

Fees: Like we said earlier, text links are inexpensive. The cost to show your ad 2500 times (our minimum) is only $10.00 USD. This makes buying ads so inexpensive, practically anyone can run their own ad.

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